Best Hotel in Indonesia with Elegance, Comfort and Convenience

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Hospitality is important when you go traveling around the world. Some people might choose the ordinary homestay to save money but others might think the best accommodation will give them relaxation. You can find the best hotel everywhere including South East Asia. You can get best hotel in Indonesia because the luxurious ones are very modern but some still keep the traditional things within it so the guests will feel the real life in Indonesia during their holiday.

Best Hotel in Indonesia with Perfect Services

No need to go further to find luxury because you can find the best hotel in Indonesia that will provide you with convenience and comfort in best services. The islands like Bali, Lombok and also the big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya have the five-star hotels with complete service.

Compared to other countries in the world, hotels in Indonesia are still affordable so you can choose one if you are in one of the Indonesian cities such as:

  • Ayana Bali Resort and Spa, Bali

When it comes to best hotel, Ayana is on the top list in every hotel app with good reviews and ratings given by the guests. Ayana offers the magnificent pool which was built on the rocks and the pool is just meters only from the greatest Indian Ocean. Additionally, there are beautiful terraces as the background along the coast which are set right on the top of the rocks so the view is priceless for you who want to get closer to the nature.

  • Sheraton, Surabaya

Let’s move to Surabaya because this city also has the perfect accommodation for you who want to explore East Java. Sheraton hotel will give you comforts just like home with about 348 rooms. Those rooms are all newly refurnished. You can access the internet in high speed from every room so you can stay connected to your duty no matter what. You can go to the Tower Lounge and there, you can find the SM or Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed if you choose to sleep in Suites, Towers Rooms and Premium Deluxe. Sheraton also provides 45 upscale apartments which are perfect for those who want to stay longer.

  • The Oberoi, Lombok

Lombok is situated just beside Bali to the east and Lombok is little bit smaller but it becomes the new paradise for tourists. Lombok offers beautiful landscapes and views. Lombok is the home of the second highest volcano mountain in Indonesia, Rinjani. To see the beautiful volcanic mountain as the background from far along with Gili Islands which are the most well known places in Lombok, you can stay at Oberoi Lombok. Here, you can witness sunset so beautifully.

  • The Park Lane, Jakarta

The capital city of Indonesia which is Jakarta has countless best hotels and one of them is Park Lane. This hotel is close to Ambassador Mall. The hotel is also situated in 35km from Soekarno Hatta International Airport. This hotel offers elegance and modernity with public and also private spaces offered. This hotel mostly is booked by businessmen around the world because it offers the business center with bilingual secretarial service.


Choose the best hotel in Indonesia according to the city you stay in but there are other recommendations as well you can read first before booking.



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